Often, consumers make their final decision only inside the shop – ensure that your products are the ones that people choose!

Why a display?

With a sales display, you can boost the product’s visibility and sales. The durable yet lightweight corrugated cardboard is easy to transport and assemble. It offers plenty of opportunities.

Packaging plays a key role in managing the cost-efficiency of the entire logistics chain!

An in-shop display can be used both to highlight familiar brands and boost the sales and visibility of various campaigns.


Shop displays and stands are meant to sell. sales are boosted by clear messages. We offer impressive shop displays to boost your sales. Corrugated cardboard is not only a durable but also an environmentally friendly choice. Thanks to its light weight, it is easy to transport and assemble.


The mobile and ready-to-use pallets are made of lightweight and durable corrugated cardboard. All surfaces can be printed, and you can even get individual structural solutions and die-cut background advertisements.


We offer various campaign materials to boost visibility.

Shelf-ready batch packaging


Shelf-ready batch packaging reduces shelving time and packaging costs. It also reduces waste.

Easy handling

A shelf-ready batch packaging is easy to handle at various stages. The packaging can be flattened
and recycled after use.

Improved visibility

A well-designed sales packaging boosts the visibility and recognisability of the product and the
marketing message.

Simplicity sells

Clean and tidy shelves make it easier to sell products to consumers.
The better the products are displayed, the easier it is to pick them.


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