Well-designed packaging through cooperation between the customer and the designer

Well-designed packaging through cooperation between the customer and the designer

Focus on the customer is at the core of Adara’s operations. The customer knows the qualities, distribution methods and sales criteria for their products better than anyone else. For their part, the packaging designer knows the materials and the technical possibilities of the production systems. We want to ensure that we truly understand your wishes and needs for the product. Best results are achieved through discussions with all parties involved in the packaging chain. A project is always a sum of its parts, including the packaging materials, structures, dimensions, labelling and environmental questions.

A good product speaks for your company

It is said that 80% of success is achieved at the drawing table. Our experienced designers are familiar with the requirements of both the products and the distribution routes. Close cooperation with our production operations ensures that the design pays attention to materials, printing methods and production possibilities, right from the start. For you, this means that you always get well thought out products at a reasonable price. Share your wishes and ideas with us, and we will take care of the rest.

Packaging design

A skilfully designed structure saves raw materials, reduced overpackaging and pays attention to the durability and dimensioning requirements of the entire delivery chain and the requirements of working in-shop. Material consumption is minimised and recycled fibres are used whenever possible. Recycling is effortless because opening and flattening the packages is easy.


Material durability is measured with various tests

The edge crush test, ECT, measures the edge’s crush resistance (kN/m), which signals the box’s stacking strength.

The flat crush test, FCT, signals the flat crush resistance (kPa) of the corrugated layer.

Bursting strength (kPa) grows as the amount of primary fibres and grammage of the surface cardboards increase.

Good sales packaging

  • keeps the products together and protects them
  • says something about the product
  • includes all required labels
  • is easy to handle and durable
  • is easy to dispose
  • works in all stages of the packaging process
  • is easy to open

A good display

  • sells well
  • is visually consistent with the sales packaging
  • is easy to handle, use and assemble
  • is easy to dispose
  • is multi-purpose
  • At its best, a ready-to-use transport packaging


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