The idea of sustainable development is challenging companies, communities and individuals to change their ways of thinking and acting

Operating policy of Adara Pakkaus Oy

Sustainable development is a part of corporate responsibility. When development is sustainable, it is responsible in terms of nature and people, without forgetting economic growth.

Adara Pakkaus Oy aims to be the most profitable Finnish company in the corrugated cardboard industry. We design, manufacture and supply high-quality corrugated cardboard products that meet our customers’ needs. We work flexibly, efficiently and responsibly with regard to our industry’s requirements. We focus on our core business by investing in account management, the development of the production process and a motivated workforce.

We are committed to complying with the laws, regulations and agreements that direct our operations. Our operations are based on continuous improvement in cooperation with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Our employees comply with the instructions and operating models intended to ensure occupational safety, product safety and environmental protection.

Environmental responsibility

We design our packaging solutions out of environmentally friendly materials by using the right amount of material to achieve the best performance. The main purposes of packaging involve protecting the product from its environment, protect the environment from the product’s impact, facilitate goods processing and provide information. We keep these elements in mind in each stage of the design and production process. Our production department is constantly working to improve things such as energy efficiency.

Social responsibility

This involves employees’ wellbeing and competencies, product safety and cooperation in business networks. Our skilled and motivated staff are the foundation of our business. Our people’s actions help us achieve the best results and positively surprise our customers time after time.

Financial responsibility

The prerequisites for financial responsibility this are efficiency, feasibility and competitiveness. A good financial performance is the basis for the other areas of social responsibility. We invest in the latest technology to improve our competitive performance and opportunities to serve our customers through even better solutions. Our work is always based on open and confidential communication. We are our customers’ strategic partner that brings added value and cost savings, in addition to packaging.

We have chosen three key sustainability themes that complement our operating policy and that our sustainability programme is built on:

Our goals for 2025

Reducing our carbon footprint

We will reduce the emissions from our operations and promote the sustainable use of materials.

We will improve occupational safety and health

100% of our staff have completed occupational safety training, and we aim to improve the H value that measures our occupational safety.

We will be Finland’s most popular corrugated cardboard supplier

We will monitor and improve customer satisfaction.

We will promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations committed to the Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. The aim of these goals is to promote sustainable development in 2016–2030. Adara Pakkaus Oy supports each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have identified five key goals for our operations that we have integrated into our sustainability work


We offer our customers fibre-based and recyclable packaging solutions. We are committed to to ensure the sustainability of our cardboard materials through the FSC certification of origin.

We assess the environmental impact of our operations regularly, with the full product life cycle in mind. Based on the assessment, we set goals and plan measures to promote environmental protection and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.

We reduce waste and improve material efficiency through continuous development, investments, product design and training.

We are committed to comply with the relevant environmental laws and regulations. We realise our producer responsibility for packaging as a member of Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.


Our responsible operations are guided by the certifications awarded to us:

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality system
  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental system
  • ISO 22000:2018. Food safety management systems

Through the FSC® certification of origin, we can ensure that the wood we use as our raw material is sourced from sustainably and well maintained forests.

Key Flag Symbol

Our corrugated cardboard boxes have received the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. The Key Flag Symbol is a label awarded by the Association for Finnish Work, which signals that the product in question was
made in Finland.


We realise our producer responsibility as a member of Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.


EcoVadis has awarded Adara with a silver-level certification for our work on sustainability. EcoVadis assesses the sustainability of companies in four areas: the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.