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Our operation is always based on open and confidential communication. We are a strategic partner for our customers. We offer solutions that produce packaging, as well as genuine added value and cost savings. See this section for solutions we have provided to our customers.



How do boxes and their varying themes fit Billebeino’s big marketing picture? “We’ve found an amusing style for Billebeino boxes with our graphic designer. The BILLEBEINO text around the box always stays the same, but the pattern of the box changes according to the themes of our model ranges. I believe that the box in which a customer receives our product must match the appearance of the brand, and in our case Adara’s boxes make this possible.”



What do you aim to achieve with varying printing, and how have you attained these objectives? “As I’ve already said, the model ranges stay in line with the boxes. We added slightly more colourful images for the summer than in the winter box. We also have a red-black-white basic box, which we used to start this cooperation. We can also support different collaboration items with varied printing options. Examples of these include Billebeino x Phantom, Billebeino x Original Long Drink and – s the most recent product – Billebeino x New Balance. We’ve made special boxes for them all. Designing the boxes has been an amusing little project of its own, and I think we’ve achieved the goals we set. The box is easy to assemble at the warehouse, it’s extremely strong and it catches people’s eyes at the post office and when a customer picks it up at a collection point.”



Have you received feedback on the boxes from customers? “We’ve received positive feedback on the boxes in picture form on social media. Many people send us videos and images on Instagram after they’ve brought products home, and several of them also show the Billebeino box, of course.”




What do you think of the possibilities of digital printing and cooperation with Adara? “This cooperation process has been extremely efficient and easy. For us, digital printing enables precisely these varying patterns, and the numbers of orders have also really worked for us. The boxes are always delivered to us by the agreed deadline, which is extremely important for us.”


Altia started discussions on packaging deliveries with Adara in April, and the work was in full swing by June. VMI means that Adara monitors a customer’s warehouse balances and replenishes the stock with delivery batches of the agreed size. The customer reserves space for cardboard in the warehouse based on the quantities.

“The effortless process and the price are the best aspects for us. We don’t have to order any cardboard, or even monitor balances. Adara replenishes our stocks according to the use forecasts we send. We always have the correct quantity of packaging in the warehouse, and we can concentrate on other business. We simply report our consumption to Adara, and the invoices are based on these figures,” says Marika Qvist, Altia’s Sourcing Manager.



“At first, we held project meetings where we reviewed the specifications required by VMI. We made the necessary changes to Altia’s system, and the process has worked extremely well ever since. We regularly review product forecasts during cooperation meetings with suppliers and change products as necessary,” Marika Qvist continues.

“I would recommend this practice for other customers without any doubt. Everything has worked out brilliantly, and we have been utterly convinced by Adara’s expert service.



The time spent on shelving work accounts for more than a third of all the functions at a store. Every unnecessary phase or motion slows down the process, which should be smooth and free from errors, and minimise inconvenience to customers. In good store packaging, the use of packaging material is optimised, and fractions of packaging material can be reused. Adara set out to develop the packaging for the potato flour and fresh pasta currently in use by taking account of the requirements of the central trading groups. The video shows you the difference in the usability of the packaging at a glance.



Are you looking for more efficient packaging solutions? See the video for how perforated packaging and a wrapper model differ from a traditional box. Which model would you choose?


Are you looking for more efficient packaging solutions? See the video for how a tear-away model and perforated packaging differ from a traditional box. Which model would you choose?