Adara Pakkaus Oy has won the ScanStar 2018 award in the Nordic packaging competition with its collection container for recyclable coffee cups designed for Kotkamills Oy. The joint Nordic competition featured a total of 23 packaging solutions from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The winning packaging is designed by Kaisa Pietilä from Adara Pakkaus Oy. The fully recyclable coffee cup collection container also serves as a rubbish bin, which does not need to be emptied separately, but is pulped as it is. As a result, the wood fibres of the cups and the recycling bin can be used as raw material for new paper or cardboard products. With this unique idea, the world can be made a better place one coffee cup at a time.

Comments of the jury: “Used cardboard drinking cups placed in the recycling bin are stacked, avoiding the cup chaos that would result if they were thrown into a regular rubbish bin. This is an extremely good way to collect used cups and take them to be recycled. The container with its cups can be recycled as cardboard as it is. The surfaces of the container also provide great opportunities for product branding and displaying information about the product qualities of the cups.”

Sustainable development and usability continued as a trend among the competition entries. This time, fibre-based materials dominated the entries – only a few of the packaging entries in the competition were made from plastic. In its judging criteria, the competition jury appreciated the protection ability and usability of the packaging, a positive user experience, the information provided by the packaging and sustainable development, as well as easy disposal after use.

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held since 1969. The competition is open for all packaging designed or manufactured in Scandinavia. The packaging associations of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are each responsible for organizing the annual competition in turn. In Finland, the competition is represented by the Finnish Packaging Association.

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