Curved corrugated board packaging


The unique Arcwise® packaging technology enables the manufacture of curved corrugated board packaging. High-quality sales packaging attracts interest and thanks to its light structure significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

Arcwise® offers new possibilities for graphic design. When the shape of the product is an essential part of your brand, you may want it to be reflected in the sales packaging.



  • Evokes curiosity. Round corners enable a seamless extension of the graphic appearance from one packaging to the next.
  • Curved shapes are perceived as more attractive than objects with sharp angles.
  • The curved packaging shapes enable integration of the graphic appearance in the product and sales packaging.
  • The recyclable biodegradable material guarantees a much smaller carbon footprint.
  • The light structure enables significant savings in raw materials.
  • The cardboard structure has made curved shapes in small packaging possible. Arcwise® now also makes this possible for large packaging.



The goal of the Arcwise® concept is to attract a consumer’s attention and interest in the store with high-quality packaging solutions. Packaging has less than two seconds to catch a consumer’s attention in the highly competitive store environment. Research shows that the shape of an object has a crucial effect on people’s reactions, and humans seem to prefer curved objects to ones with sharp angles.

Reference: Bar & Neta, 2006, “Humans Prefer Curved Visual Objects”, Psychological Science: Vol. 7, No. 8.




The Arcwise® technology offers a light but rigid and curved material that enables shapes in shelf and promotional packaging that used to be impossible to achieve. This technology offers the possibility to combine graphic design with curved shapes, which can be used to emphasise the desired message for consumers. Furthermore, packaging with round corners can be seamlessly extended to several panels. The main objective is to increase the product’s desirability and sales.



Thanks to the curved shape, in many cases Arcwise® packaging has superior features compared with ordinary corrugated board. Such packaging can be transported in a cost-effectively, saving logistical costs. This concept can help reduce up to 30% of the amount of material used in packaging.  Rigidity is an innate quality of curved objects. Thanks to the effective use of material, the concept is very suitable for the sustainable development framework.